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What’s going on?

Lots of posts but not much news on actual activity at F/F recently. Read more here

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A successful approach to Apps

We are in the midst of some heavy riffing on what makes for a good digital app here at F/F, and have noticed that many of our favourite apps fall into what we are calling the 3S formula: Simple + Social = Successful A highlight app on heavy rotation across mobile and tablet at the [...]

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It’s been sometime between posts

Yes it has been a while, however being quiet is just a reflection of also being busy. The months have ticked on and Melbourne has passed abruptly from one season to the next. We have lots of WIP projects across, brand, traditional web and NextWebTM as well as having completed projects for the likes of [...]


Thinking about macro and micro content

Have been spending some time thinking about micro content especially within location based activity. I guess what is occupying my mind could be summed up simply as location within location: your at a night club and you want to generate content based on the room, floor or bar you are at for example. I’ve been [...]

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10 Principles for better design practice

1. re-thinking
2. re-using
3. using friendly materials

Click here for more

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Thinking about how to investigate and observe how clicks vs taps are different

As we sit at the dawn of finger based interaction vs the old mouse method, I’m looking at how to best establish the differences this interactive method causes to the user experience? Read more here

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iPad – printMag vs eMag observations

So far F/F are mostly impressed with the iPad. It’s what we had expected but were not prepared for the actual feel of the thing. Everyone who has said you need to experience it to understand it is spot on. I think it’s mostly because we are so used to clicking around with a mouse [...]

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Great re-use skate deck art

This stuff is awesome – it’s part of a show from Harvest by Haroshi called Skate and Destroy currently showing at plsmis gallery in Tokyo, Japan until the 27th Feb. All the artworks have been created with old worn, or snapped, skateboard decks.

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Need vs Want

It’s fairly excepted that in the debate over the worlds ever widening poverty gap that what an individual’s ‘needs’ is pretty much the same universally – you know shelter, full belly, clean water, security etc. Essentially in monetary terms not very much at all. So what is causes the gap to keep growing. The answer [...]

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Three Trees Don’t Make a Forest

via At BGreenNow™ and Function/Form this is the kind of action we like to see and support. Well done to Sophie, Caroline and Nat for their efforts and good luck with the Three Trees project. About Three Trees Vastly experienced, Three Trees’ founders, Sophie Thomas (thomas.matthews), Caroline Clark (Lovely as a Tree) and Nat [...]


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