What's in a name?

FFBuro? Well the FF is Function/Form, the design principal that Form follows Function or in simpler terms Thinking before Doing.

This is the foundation for how I approach design as a problem solving practice. The goal of this approach is to ensure the intuitive nature of creativity is rationalised through thinking and process. Promoting the objective over the subjective, always striving for an appropriate design rational.


Taking on the bigger picture, researching, plotting, questioning and positioning the problem – sometimes even turning it on its head. Design Thinking as a strategic exercise to deliver solutions designed to tackle human (not user) needs.

Human-centred Design
Problem Definition


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Interactions, CTAs, typography, colour, accessibility, purpose. There is a lot more to appropriate human-centred designs than what we see on the surface, or the latest trends on Dribble.



Brand / Identity
Design Systems
Design QA


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Presently looking for new roles or exciting project opportunities.

20+ years international creative experience working on market leading projects across digital, identity, brand and publishing.

For the past 14 years I have dived head long into all things digital and brand with a wealth of experience in producing usable, exciting and engaging user centred brand experiences.

Extensive experience working on e-commerce, tourism, not for profits, lead + sales acquisition and loyalty projects.

I’m ambitiously resourceful. Calm under pressure and able to push the limits when up against the tightest constraints. I’m comfortable working both autonomously or as an inspiring team leader, either at Executive level or on the shop floor.

Expertise: User experience design, human centred design, usability, creative thinking, ideation, visual communication, creative direction, problem solving, typography, brand strategy, campaign integration.


I have had unique experiences in action sports and youth lifestyle markets for both digital and print.

When I’m not solving design problems life is pretty rich…

• Family time

• Mountain biking
• Dads Soccer™
• Bush walks
• Beastie Boys
• Fugazi
• Ice cream

• Patagonia
• Shoe you can resole
• Making stuff & crafting
• Home grown food
• A good pocket knife

• Love & friendship