Brand and e-commerce website

As a high-end interior retailer Rogerseller are all about brand aesthetics. This drives their online presence resulting in a stylish, innovative design, using best practice in online retail.

Important relationships between customers, architects, designers and builders are all considered. A good example, is the ability for users to share their selections with each other. Rogerseller also include installation instructions with order confirmation emails. These are the kind of touches that Rogerseller cares about.

A research inspired design portfolio

During a round of keyword research, an opportunity, was identified, to inspire customers.

The opportunity resulted in a portfolio of live projects. The portfolio section of the website:

Showcases the design prowess of the architects and designers who specify Rogerseller product. Provide designs ideas and inspiration to customers who get to see how Rogerseller’s products look in real peoples homes.


Role   UX/UI

Agency   Lemonade

Year   2018