How I work

(Form Follows Function)

Driven by process

Following the principles of Human-Centered Design I strive for a rigorous approach to defining and solving the problem from the users’ perspective*…

1) Discover and define

Review the brief

Gather background data

  • supplied research
  • web analytics
  • new customer research

Audit the exisiting

  • brand
  • website
  • customers

Define the user

  • behavioural personas

Create a problem statement

  • reverse brief client

2) Information Architecture

Create high-level IA

  • use task analysis and keyword research

Gap analysis against exisiting content

Tree test IA

Test, evaluate, iterate

3) Design


  • sketches
  • whiteboard workshops
  • wireframes (axure, sketch, figma, paper)

Test, evaluate, iterate


  • sketches
  • whiteboard workshops
  • wireframes (axure, sketch, figma, paper)


  • prototype
  • in full
  • specific features
  • specific interactions

Test, evaluate, iterate


  • user interface designs
  • typography
  • branding
  • patterns
  • components
  • design system

Accessibility checks

Test, evaluate, iterate

4) Handover & support

Establish hand over process with developers

Work with developers to review and refine at key stages

Refine UX/UI where development dictates the need

Maintain standards

Test and iterate

5) Live & beyond

Ongoing testing and enhancement of the product as appropriate


It is very rare that users see themselves as users. It is essential to remember they are humans, people – we are solving people problems.

— Tony Cormack, UX Designer / Creative Director / Graphic Designer