Family Planning Victoria

Better reproductive and sexual health services and education for all Victorians

Family Planning Victoria (FPV) is a leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services and education. FPV caters for a diverse audience, from young people to healthcare professionals. 

Getting the right people in the room

With a tight deadline the project approach was to get to launch fast, learn and improve.

A kick–off workshop helped things move quickly with focus, learning from the real-life experiences of people at the coalface. Senior management provided the important business lens.

The outcome was a clear set of objectives and prioritised user needs to inform design process.

Approachable content for a diverse audience

FPV's has a strong culture of providing an inclusive experience across its services. The W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) was used as a north star guiding the way:

• Concise summaries of 'the main points'

• Using a plain English approach to writing

• Supporting written content with images, videos

• Speed and performance optimisiation to cater for remote and mobile users

Organising, structuring and labelling content

Keyword research allowed a better understanding of the language of users.

Using the insights from the workshop and keyword research a draft Information Architecture (IA) was created.

The IA was tested and validated with real users using Treejack. Testing revealed that users were having trouble with the audience (persona) based labels. Working with FPV stakeholders refinements were made to improve the IA. Some of the audience based labels got removed, others remained. Continual assessment and improvement of the IA was embedded into the ethos of the project as a post launch consideration.


Solving the problem of orange

Many brand identities lack due consideration for digital implementation. For FPV it was about orange. More specifically, their reliance on an orange tone that fails accessibility contrast standards. The solution was to define a darker burnt orange for digital use. A new accessible version of orange that still feels FPV.


A set of secondary colours support colour-coded content areas. Complimented with bright, diverse people-focused photography, the site comes to life. The result is a vibrant, crisp design that loads fast and exudes positivity.

SEO Graph

A program of continual improvement

Using FPV’s strategic plan a clear set of measurable goals was developed. A reporting framework keeps track of key metrics and indicators. Each quarter those metrics are used to inform tweaks to the content as well as the general UX/IA where applicable

At the end of year one, search engine visibility was up over 6.6% equating to a 39% increase in traffic.

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Role   Research, Workshop Facilitation, UX/UI

Agency   Lemonade

Year   2018